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Movistar - Vodafone - Orange - Digimobil - Lebara - Lyca Mobile
Currently mobile phone cards or SIM cards are of different Spanish companies. There are the classic or more known as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange which are the three main mobile operators, then there are virtual operators that is real phone companies that do not own their own network and offer the service by renting the network from the three main operators (Movistar, Orange, Vodafone).
What company is best?
In fact, as in almost all countries there is no better company but according to need a phone company be more better than an 'other type of service, time of use, volume of calls and Internet traffic etc.
How to choose the right company Spanish?
Obviously it depends on the use! One of the best packages for voice is definitely Digimobil that with its two options digi400 and digi800 offers cost 10 € 400 minutes of real Europe and the cost of 15 € 800 minutes more on Europe and landlines (HERE the rates in detail).
For those who have no need to call or use all available minutes and then only based on the cost per minute is definitely one of the best the Digi Mobil , offering international calls per minute among the lowest in the market, eg:United Kingdom fixed 0.02 cent. / MIN United Kingdom cellular 0.6 cent. / MIN with a conection fee of 0.12 cents.
But everything is complicated when the needs become more complex, such as call and navigate from Spain at the best price. Aside Movistar and Vodafone that have these services at a reasonable cost once again the best is that with the Digimobil digi400 or digi800 offers the possibility of combining 500mb costs 5 € and 1GB at the cost of 8 €   Digimobil digi400 + 1 GB cost € 18.
Other virtual operators such as Lebara and Lyca offer virtually the same minutes for the same price but have some defects that are not negligible since the constant price evolution in promotion and then after a few months are much cheaper. lower quality service than the major telephone operators and are not completely clear and transparent in tariff descriptions. But in the future this could change, and even virtual phone operators will have the same quality of service as the big ones of telephony.
Because we can have so many ratings?
These assessments are carried out on direct experience because since we are direct sellers of prepaid SIM cards of all the companies have the opportunity to test its effectiveness and most importantly the views of those who bought the SIM cards and used them for a long time . Nowadays in almost seven years in the field we have enabled over 3000 simcard of all Spanish companies and definitely the sample on which we rely is extended for many years, volume, telephone operators, etc.

To continue using the WhatsApp application from Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands you will need to do is turn on the data connection on your mobile, as whatsapp track of the numbers of the phone book is not important to the sim card you are using, in a nutshell also with the Spanish sim card you can send and receive messages from your number even if you are using a Spanish company the sim card.